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Babak Ravandi, Ph.D.

Physics Department, #BarabásiLab, Network Science Institute [link],
@Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts

E-mail: b.ravandi@northeastern.edu bk.ravandi@gmail.com

Complete Controllability with Two Driver Nodes {v2, v4} (red: intervention points)

Innovation Happens at the Intersection of Disciplines

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher @Northeastern University, Physics Department, #BarabasiLab, Boston. I am @Purdue and @IllinoisTech alumni.

Currently, I am focused on developing innovative and data-driven solutions to #FixFood and #FoodSystems. I am investigating how ultra-processing food impacts our society socially, economically, and healthfully.

In my spare time, I explore syntactic changes in Germanic languages using network science to uncover patterns in language evolution.

In general, I am interested in understanding and employing the theory of Complex Systems and network science in physical and socio-economical systems.

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